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The business of business communications ...

The business of business communications used to be a whole lot simpler. Launching a new product or service for example followed a well defined formula. Hire an ad agency develop some nice looking print ads and brochures. Make some new display panel for the trade show booth. Mail out a bunch of video tapes. And then hold a sales conference get everyone excited about it.

Wow have times changed!

Wow have times changed!
Not only can few companies cost-justify this approach, it really isn’t all that effective any more. Readership of print publications is declining. Trade Shows and on-site sales meetings are becoming a luxury. And Video – while still one of the most effective communications mediums – is now governed more by internet bandwidth than NTSC or PAL standards.

The good news ...

The good news is
, there are now more opportunities than ever to communicate your message - externally to your customers, and internally to your employees. But realizing the full potential of on-line video, interactive DVD brochures, webmercials, and computer-based training still begins with clear objectives and a carefully crafted message. That’s where we come in.

It's a simple concept.

It’s a simple concept.
We provide the creative direction, scripting and project management. We match our client’s needs and budget to the most appropriate production resources. We take full responsibility for delivering your project on time and on budget. And because we “partner with” rather than “sub-contract to” these production sources, there are no markups. It’s a concept that has worked well for our clients throughout Wisconsin and Northern Illinois for more than 20 years. It will work for you.